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Uncovering My Jewish Family History and Genealogy
Julian Tzvi Rubin
BA, Social Sciences and Humanities, Open University of Israel

Revisiting the Transit Camp at Korneuburg, Austria, after 58 Years
At the end of 1961, when I was eight years old, our family emigrated from Romania to Israel. On our way we stopped, for a few days, in Korneuburg, near Vienna. This year (2019), 58 years later, we visited Vienna and it seemed only natural and exciting, despite vague memories, to visit the transit camp again or what was left of it. More...
My Grandfather: Leon Bendit, Chernivtsi, Ukraine
Leon and Yetti Bendit married in Chernivtsi / Czernowitz around 1927 and divorced around 1933. In 1948 Yetti immigated to Israel and remarried. Leon married again in Chernivtsi before WWII, had a baby son, David, who perished in the Holocaust when sent with his parents to Transnistria. After the war Leon returned to Chernivtsi and remained there for the rest of his life. More...
My Grandmother: Amalia Rubin, Galati, Romania
Amalia Rubin died and was buried in the Jewish cemetery of Galati, Romania in 1947. My grandfather, Joseph Rubin, perished in the Holocaust. His family origins were probably from Spain. Around 1944, when Axis forces were driven out by the Red Army, he went on a business trip to Chernivtsi (now Ukraine) and never came back. More...
My Childhood Friend: Dan Bumbar, Galati, Romania
We parted when I was 6 and Dan (Danut) 8. Rarely, children remember vivid details from an early age after a long departure - as we do. I can attribute this only to the fact that I and Danut had a very intense (but short) and happy mutual childhood accompanied by good relations between our parents, all which left their positive mark on our memories and souls forever. More...
My Father-in-Law: Nahum Gedasy, Moshav Mashen, Israel
Nahum Gedasy (1915-2008) was born in Yemen, immigrated to Israel in 1948. Here he was a farmer and raised nine children. Best remembered for his Jewish Yemenite traditional well being blessing in Hebrew - a non-canonical blessing or prayer - a personal compilation of Biblical verses for use in different social and familial occasions. More...
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My Childhood Heroes and Favorite Books
I enjoyed my childhood in the 50s, 60s and 70s of the last century - till age 8 in Romania and from then on in Israel. In this page I present 27 individuals or books (fictional or non-fictional) that reflect my childhood interests and profile. More...
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Holocaust Stories from Czernowitz by Erna Rubin
The Secret Language... Uncle Herman and his Friends... Mommy is Here... The Fundraising...
Erna Rubin's story from The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM)...
The stories in Romanian in cursive handwriting...
Highlights from the Holocaust Voyage to Poland - Summer 2014
On 25 and 26 August 1941, the Jews of Tykocin - men, women and children - were taken to the Lopuchowo forest near the town, required to sing under whip threats. The unfortunate victims were machine-gunned to death and dumped into large pits dug in advance. That day were killed over 1,400 Jews of Tykocin. Poles covering the pits told later that the earth moved from death convulsions and that it got a red blood hue. More...
Erna Rubin Museum of Photography
Photography and video vintage equipment from the 60s and 70s that Erna Rubin used

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